On Campus Day of Giving

This campaign ended on February 14, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Cardigan Mountain School by clicking here!

A special celebration of Valentine's Day for the students, faculty, and parents to show their appreciation of Cardigan by making a gift and posting a heart-shaped Valentine's card in the Commons. 

Dorm Participation % Leaderboard

Dorm NameDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
French 2 12$781770.6%
Hayward 1 11$221764.7%
French 1 9$241369.2%
Greenwood 7$87100.0%
Dewar 7$111353.8%
McCusker 1 7$351741.2%
McCusker 2 6$51637.5%
Hinman 1 6$611637.5%
Hinman 2 6$301442.9%
Hayward 2 5$71631.3%
Brewster 2 5$571631.3%
Franklin 5$541050.0%
Clark-Morgan 4$41625.0%
Banks 4$4944.4%
Brewster 1 3$41717.6%
Funnell 3$521127.3%

Donor affiliations

56% Students

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17% Parents

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27% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Karen McArthur
Mr. McCusker and Ms. Droste
Nurse Jane
Jamie Welsh
Paula R Glover
Tanner McFaul
Wade & Leitha Reilly
Owen Reilly
nathalie wilson
Barbara Frazier
Jeremiah Shipman
Reid Warder
Lori and Scott Bohan
Thomas H Blenk
Heesung "Daniel" Jung
Jungwon Park
Heewoo Jung
Patricia Butterfield
Eunkyung Kang
Eunkyung Kang
Nick and Kimberly Davies
Harold, Kim
Stephen Solberg
Jamielynn Garland
Amy Gorman
Darius Yarborough
Eunkyoung Cindy Bang
Youree Kwon
Hyacinth Heinemann
Hudson Heinemann
Michelle-Marie Heinemann
The Commerford’s
Rich + Stefanie Dec
Limin Wei's Family
Rick Johnson
Lisa Quinn
Ray Anstiss
Julia P. Burns

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